An Anniversary, of Sorts…

I’ve been working on my ‘reset’ this week with adequate results.  Life is life and doesn’t get in the way, as much as it simply exists and our reactions to it get in the way of us.  One thing I’m trying to do is look less at what’s wrong, and instead look at what’s right and good.  Part of this is realizing what you have and finding joy in that, and part is accepting places where you don’t have control and grasping whatever control you can.

8 years ago today a completely uncontrolled series of events came to an end for us, but we didn’t know it yet.  Sept 15, 2009 was the day after our last miscarriage and the first day we’d begin preparing for Evie.  Looking back on that day, through all the pain we had amazing examples of what’s right, and good in our lives.  From the calls and support of our families, to the incredible care of my wife’s doctor and the over and above service from Disney, to the in person support and distraction (especially for Giada) offered by our friend Deneen and her family;  Heidi and I were inundated with proof that our lives were full, despite the path we were on being pretty brutal.  These people, working together (without realizing it) gave us a sense of control and paved the way for us to continue completing our family.

I’m collecting the full story below.  This isn’t for attention or hits, but the hope that it will help someone; whether giving hope, support, or simply knowing it’s not their fault.

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Wandering the Wilds of Miscarriage:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


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