A Geek looks at 50


I’m going to just say it.  Loopy as he is sometimes, Matthew McConaughey has a pretty solid personal philosophy that resonates with me.  It first came to light in this Men’s Health article years ago and this one a few years later., and I was recently reminded of its simply wisdom while rewatching his Oscar acceptance speech.

Me in 5 years….what’s he like?   I know me today.   Not a bad guy at all; I’d like to think a good dad, husband, son, brother, friend.  Still have some wild dreams and some not so wild; gotta keep it interesting.  Still have some work to do; manage my health and stress much better.   So, if I’m fortunate enough to have another 5 years, what does 50 year old Sean look like?

He doesn’t post about new workout programs; he’s stuck to one and found the results he wants.

If he is posting about working out; he’s getting paid very well for it.  That means he’s ruminating on it for a purpose.

He’s just as passionate about Star Wars as he’s ever been.  The 3rd trilogy will be complete and he’s excited for the next story.

He’s still wearing Hawaiian shirts.

He’s gone to ComicCon in costume.

He’s taken time for himself and his friends.  He’s recaptured the vibe of that night at Rocky’s with the guys.

He’s got the power and courage to put things into perspective.

He’s enjoying every sandwich.

He’s no longer learning how the play this game; he’s well on his way to mastering it.

He’s followed through on several of those goals/dreams.

He’s set new goals and has new dreams.

He’s been a good role model and dad to the girls.

He’s made Heidi very, very happy.

He’s been a good son and brother.

50 year old Sean is happy.



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