Hello world!

Welcome to seannanigans.com or seangowden.com.


God knows what’s going to come of this.  I have some ideas, but  it (like me) will remain a work in progress.

My ideas?

Husband/Dad stuff:  Fun stuff I’ve found, thought of, etc to do with the family.

Tech Stuff:  I’m hoping to be an IOS developer.  I’m struggling, but I’ll get there.  The journey will be documented here.   Since I’m a newb at WordPress, this site will also evolve as I learn more about it.

Spartan:  I’m a fitness geek, even though I may not look it.   I’ve got several Spartan Races and Warrior Dashes under my belt, and have my sights on the Spartan Trifecta.  Workouts, routines, equipment and progress can go here.

Geekery:  Movies, games, etc.   Random and planned thoughts.

I’m planting my feet firmly on the intertubes and owning my digital presence…for whatever its worth.

More to come…

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