Rule 3: Clear Demonstrative Goals

“No discussion of weight; I’m showing wins. A certain shirt is too snug? Un-snugging it is a win. Struggling with a bike ride? No long struggling will be a win. Less heartburn, less anxiety, better sleep….all are wins.”

Last week was simply a tough week. Work was busy, life was going on, all is fine it was just busy. No progress pics, no real work towards goals.

I have a lot of goals; build muscle, lose weight, fit better in certain clothes…the usual. Tackle heartburn because I couldn’t put the feedbag down. Maybe get running again. The big goal is to be healthy for the last 30-40 years of my life. (I expect a couple towards the end to be less than healthy…ok, I’ll accept that)

That doesn’t meant there weren’t wins. I got to work on some “good” eating habits (less snacking, less takeout) and there were even more vegetables of the green, orange and red varieties. Shirt I planned to wear was also looser than before. Solid wins that I’ll take.

Goals for this week:
Find a workout plan. Kicking around some 4 day workouts I’ve had luck with in the past, plus 3 sessions of up to 30 minutes on the Peloton.
No takeout this week.
Pay attention to my macro needs; don’t live and die by them, but make sure there’s more protein, carbs from veggies and ‘healthy’ fats.

I want to keep it simple. This is a change for life, not just a few months. I reserve the right to tweak anything; add a long walk, substitute a yoga session, enjoy some french fries if they’re from a place with really good ones.

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